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 Yes I know I’ve been gone for a while, I’m so sorry guys! I plan on blogging now though more then ever. I plan on bringing you guys great blog posts and little specks of my life along with some amazing fashion.  I found now more then ever I’ve reached a peak in my life where I’m starting to really realize what’s important and what isn’t. Real friends, fake friends, family and everything else. I like to think of this blog as a memoir of my life and work, and although I’m sure it won’t be around forever, I really do appreciate everyone who reads my words and visits my site frequently. Just want to say thanks and I plan on posting at LEAST twice a week! As soon as I can start getting my hubby to take more pictures of me, I plan on having much better pictures of my outfits, but for now the closet will have to do!  Today I settled for an oversized Forever 21 sweater








Sorry for the total mess, I’m also wearing my favorite Black Knit Uggs! Sorry for the boring look, but I felt I needed to show you even my laziest looks! I also thought I’d share with you guys the newest things in my closet, my favorites for Winter. Can’t wait to show you guys how to pair up these accessories with fun affordable outfits.



These are my new must have running shoes, the Nike 5.0 Lime White Women’s Running Shoe. Although the price tag was a bit expensive at $105.00 at Macy’s and Nike, I actually found them for $49.80 for you guys, here which is half of what I paid for only last week! I plan on purchasing a few  more pairs for family members for Christmas. Funny how I always resort to shoes when I don’t know what to buy my Mom or my sister. But hey, can you really go wrong with a pair of fabulous Nike’s? I didn’t think so. They come in many different colors, and after speaking to the sales associate at Macys, I came to realize that Nike only comes out with  a certain pair ONCE! So if you see a pair of shoes you really must have, you MUST buy them that exact second, because that style is NEVER coming back! Nike isn’t like  Walmart or Target where they keep getting the same product over and over and over again. Unfortunatly Macy’s did not have my size, so I bought these online at for a steaming $105. But here is the link again to purchase for only $49. Jealous. Seriously thinking about returning mine and purchasing from this site.







 Fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it, looks comfy for slouching around the house or maybe out with a pair of skinny jeans. I found this at which is an online boutique overseas. Bought it for $26.47 in us money. Although shipping is 12-25 days, it’s worth the wait, I also found a cute pair of cross leggings. Just call me cross crazy!



Ohh la la super cute sweater! had to have it! Seen on celebs such as Taylor Swift and others, Love Potion Sweater is so cute and sooo comfortable. My leggings are missing in action but when I find them this sweater is going to be worn! Love the off the shoulder look with the boots, this is my favorite sweater in my closet right now. $49 at unfortunatly it’s sold out right now but hopefully it will come back soon. I’m glad I swiped it last minute… i knew it would be gone soon.





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