New Favorite Sweater



I went shopping a couple weeks back, trying to get the super cute retail stuff on line before it sells out for Black Friday. I had my eye out for a really cute sweater I first saw in the tabloids, a larger sweater with the words “Love Potion. something something on it” I went searching the net and I finally found it so I thought I would share it with all you beauties!




Isn’t it so cute? I’ve worn in 4 times already and everytime I go out I’m told how adorable it is. I wear it when i’m relaxing on the couch, its so big soft and comfy! agggh love 🙂 super cheap too.  If you want to find this top you can buy it here. Singer22 has it as well as ebay I bought mine here, anyways it’s my  new favorite sweater… do you have a favorite? Oh, and FYI it’s only $29






4 thoughts on “New Favorite Sweater”

  1. amy pugmire

    I love it! and its cheap!

  2. Sally

    I love big comfy sweaters and when they are inexpensive it’s even better!!

  3. christina

    I want one. It is so cute, how can I get one?

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