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Usually I don’t post selfies  but since this is a fashion blog, I thought I would share with you guys how obsessed I am with the new chevron fad that’s been traveling around. Because I’m only 4’11 I didn’t think I could pull off a maxi dress (and truth be told I really can’t) When I received this from Bella Ella Boutique, it was so long I literally had 4 inches hemmed off the bottom. And  yet it’s still a bit long. For some reason I’m having a love affair with the color “coral” lately, if you notice my necklace I’ve been wearing it like it’s going out of style- which it might very well WILL be because in some strange way these big bubble necklaces look super cheap, but in another way they really complete an outfit.  Know what I’m saying?  I have a post coming up, (which I’m super excited about) that will show me in the same necklace like 100 more times? Well not really but you get the point. Anyways do you love this dress? Or hate it? Either way it won’t matter because tragically it died in the washer when I mixed it with something, not sure what that created blotchy white stains all over the front. R.I.P chevron maxi dress. you were fun for this one day.



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