Where have I been the last 3 months? Life update…Part 1

Ok so I keep telling you guys Im back and then I disappear again for 3 months. Well so much has been going on, my life has been so overwhelming. Not only am I working 60 hours a week, but I’m taking care of my two beautiful babies both under the age of 2. Mila is 22 months and Kason is 3 months.  I’m also trying to get my body back into shape by working out at the gym, cleaning, spending time with my husband and blogging? My blog is mostly about fashion and believe me when I say it’s very hard to stay “fashionable” while you’re super crazy busy. My daily outfits mostly involve sweat pants and a tshirt. Not much to show you guys… So I’m going to try to get back into this fashion thing but for the meanwhile I thought you guys would be entertained by my life in the last 3 months in a nutshell of pictures:



First night of actually having fun with my girls- I drank, swam and had a good time.





Kason last week in his Bumbo. We call him “Buppy” mostly because that is what Mila calls him, so he responds to that better then Kason.  We also like to call him “ham head” He is so crazy big! It’s almost insane because Mila is extremely underweight, while she was in the hospital she got down to 14 pounds which is what Kason weighs right now at 3 months. They can fit in the same diapers as well.  But can you tell? He’s the cutest thinge ever!





A comparison of my two beautiful children.  Don’t they almost look like dinosaurs? Ha! Love them. Right now Mila is 22 months and Kason is 3. Mila  has been much better since leaving the hospital after a battle with sepsis which I plan on writing a post about here in the near future. It’s been a long hard year no doubt, the hardest year of my life.  But also the best, I was married, had another child and had a breakthrough realization about my life. But that’s all coming up in posts very soon, I hope you guys stick with my story!



 Auntie Weff with baby Kason (Ham Head Me and Wef (Stephanie) have been through so much together and I can really call her my best friend. She was there through it all, when Kason and Mila were born, (she was even there in the delivery room when K was born) she knows everything about me and she’s always there when I need  a friend. She’s not even a friend, more like a sister.  Her post is coming up soon as well, but for now here is Wef and little hammy face.



Kason’s half sister Lana who is 13 and Kason are also close.  Enough said.






A family picture. Doesn’t Kason look super different? It’s funny how they change so quickly. This is Mila and her half brother and sister along with my precious baby boy. Love them! 



A side by side of me and my little princess. See a resemblence? She is my mini-me.  This year has been so hard, I almost lost her a couple months ago and I will never forget the pain and heartache I suffered for 3 months not knowing what was going on with my daughter. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.  I thank God for keeping her safe and allowing her to heal from her disease and pray that it doesnt return. Although she has an ugly scar on her wrist, it’s fafr better then what could have happened.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for her and left me the sweetest messages. I have great friends and great people reading my blog !





Sister love ♥





The sweetest smile I know



Friends Forever ♥




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