My Must Have Winter Maternity Looks


Just for fun I thought I would post my Maternity Must haves for Winter. Last year when I was preggers it w)as hot as could be outside. (Scorching 110 degrees in Arizona to be exact) So now that I’m pregnant in Winter, I have no clothes to wear so I’m opting for  my clothes in my closet that are a tad bit bigger, (such as large sweaters and overcoats) and of course a couple splurges on maternity wear.

I also found, for all you pregnant women out there, the best way to flatter any pregnant woman in Winter is to wear a long scarf or chunky jewelry to distract from the belly bump. My must haves will always include stretch mark cream, (slathered on at LEAST 3 times a day) do this every day and you won’t get a mark on you! I don’t have one stretch mark.. *crossing fingers!!!

Also  comfortable shoes is a must.. that’s why I  bought myself a couple pairs of Uggs to lounge around in. Sweat pants, big lounge shirts  and the belly painting kit! (which I found to be a fun activity when you start getting bigger!!!)

Suggestions are encouraged, I need all the help I can get, and I can’t wait to finally be done being pregnant, (since this my LAST one!!)  Here’s a couple of my looks from last year being pregnant:

8 weeks

                                                                                                                          15 weeks



39 weeks






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