Google Friends

As a new member of wordpress, I’m learning the ropes one day at a time.  I love how much easier it is to work with then Blogger. For me, Blogger was something I was trying to get away from for a while, because of its ups and downs.  I was constantly having issues with the platform. Needless, I’m so stoked that I’m at WordPress now!!

With that said, I’m hoping WordPress junkies out there can help me. How do I get my google friends widget on my site? I know this has been an option for my giveaways, and people have been emailing me asking where the widget is. Sadly it’s not here yet, but you can go ahead and take the giveaway entries anyways!!

Can anyone out there help me? I’ve been googling, but haven’t found the answer just yet.  I’ve also been searching for the widget people use for their giveaways. I found one option, however it cost money and I can’t imagine everyone else is paying $20 bucks a month for that!!

On a brighter side, my baby is 6 months old can you believe it? She’s growing up so fast! Here she is with Grandpa, (although he hates the word) She’s finally getting adorable little rolls on her legs.


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