Are Skinny Jeans bad for you?

Are you like me and live on shorts and skinny jeans? Skinny jeans are something I wear almost everyday and they have became a favorite of mine. I now have more skinny jeans then regular jeans in my closet. So when I read a news article that skinny jeans can be killing you, I had to share! Skinny jeans hazardous to my health? no way…

“A study published in the Wall Street Journal revealed tight pants can pinch sensitive nerves in the thigh, leading to pain or a burning sensation.

Skinny jeans have also been linked to digestive problems and even blood clots. The same goes for body slimmers, such as Spanx or waist-cinching belts. If they’re worn too tightly, the compression can also cause nerve problems and stomach aches.”

It does make sense. Especially if you wear your jeans a little too tight. I had to disagree with the above statement though, only because my jeans are really not THAT tight. I do see many girls wearing their pants a little too snug so I can see where the problem is, but for me, I’m gonna continue to wear my skinnys. 🙂

 What do you think? Will you stop wearing skinny jeans?


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