Month: April 2012

New Camera Lens

I finally went out and bought a new camera lens for my Nikon D90. I really look forward to learning how to use it, and showing you guys amazing photography. I hope one day to do some professional stuff… so for now I practice on Mila! (And a dying flower outside)

Friday the 13th

Yes I know this is generally a fashion blog, but I had to show some cute Hello Masks, including a Friday the 13th mask I found it appropriate for the date. Did you know there are 13 Friday the 13ths in 2012? And each one is exactly 13 weeks apart? Freaaaakky….

Loving the Look: Biker Jacket Over Stripes

  My favorite look I’ve been seeing on celebs is the big striped sweater with a cute motorcycle jacket. Stars include Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr. Here’s the look put together much cheaper, the jacket is at Express for under $100! Miranda Kerr look by meandbella featuring a long sleeve linen shirt       

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