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When Mom and RN, Karen Barski, got frustrated with the swaddling options available, she began looking for a better solution. After much research and months of prototyping, the Woombie was born! It is one of the safest and most natural ways to swaddle your baby…helping him/her to transition easily from the womb to the world. Although softly confined, it is made to allow baby to gently stretch extremities much like in the womb. It helps to comfort and allows for a better nights sleep for both you and your little one! It also helps to prevent face scratching, overheating due to over-wrapping, and loose blankets covering the baby’s face
I’ve heard a lot about the Woombie Swaddler, but the Woombie Donut was something new to me. I was first impressed by how soft and cute it looked, but what exactly does it do?  Well, instead of laying your baby on the floor, you can simply pull out your Woombie Donut. The Donut provides a soft, comfortable clean place for baby to lay without having to worry about what they can get into. It also works great for changing diapers.
One of my favorite parts about the Woombie, is that it folds and zips up for easy travel. If you’re going somewhere, even when you’re in a hurry the Woombie Donut zips right up and also has easy to go handles, so no matter where you are, your Donut can go with you. 

•Cozy and Comfortable
•Folds in Half for easy travel
•Move room to room easily with baby
•Machine washable (front load washer)
•Convenient during travel
•Multi Use Mat
•Used for ages Newborn-36Months
•Polyester Fleece Upper and Cotton Denim base and Poly Foam
•Folded measurements: L:16″ W: 22″ H: 8″
•Unfolded Measurements: L: 32″ W: 22″ H: 4″
•Folds in half, sides zip up to create a bonus carry bag
•3 soft Minky designs
•Ultra soft and plush
•3 Color choices: pink, blue and green
And the best part? This thing is SO soft! It’s almost like a minky type blanket. Your baby will be so comfortable on the Woombie Donut. It can be used anywhere at any time, and looks great. I love this thing!
Buy: You can purchase the Woombie Donut right now for $56 on their online website.
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The Giveaway: One winner will their own Woombie Donut in choice of color!! To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below!

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