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If you know me, you know one of my favorite actors of all time is Eric Bana! Well the news is out, he will be playing Elvis in an upcoming movie.

(The Daily Telegraph) – Australian actor Eric Bana will grow his sideburns to play music legend Elvis Presley in the new biographical film, “Elvis & Nixon.”
Bana will team up with first-time director Cary Elwes — star of “Princess Bride” — and wear the joint hats of star and executive producer.

Danny Huston, who played King Richard to Russell Crowe’s merry lead in “Robin Hood,” is negotiating to play President Richard Nixon in the movie, which delves into a visit Presley paid the politician at the White House in 1970.
The meeting was initiated by Presley, who wrote Nixon a six-page letter requesting a visit and suggesting he be made a “Federal Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Presley gifted the President a Colt .45 pistol at the meeting.
Variety reported that English actor Elwes was so fascinated by how the improbable meeting between the two historical figures came to pass that he felt inspired to use it as the subject of his first film as a writer-director.
The entertainment trade magazine said that while a start date for the project was unclear, production would take place in Los Angeles and Shreveport, La.
Melbourne-born Bana, 43, began his career as a comedian but has gained an international profile after his roles in a range of films including “Hulk,” “Black Hawk Down,” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”

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