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Aroma Naturals is a soy candle company that carries all kinds of aromatherapy and spiritual candles. Their aromas vary from Clarity, to Spirit, Serenity, Wish and many more.  I was sent a variety pack of their products, and I have to say, I have some favorites! Their products are extremely unique, keep reading and you will find out why!

Aroma Naturals candles are soothing and relaxing. A couple of the scents were a bit strong for me, (maybe it’s a pregnant thing) but I fell in love the others.  It’s so nice and comforting to take a nice hot bath with an Aroma Naturals candle burning. You will automatically feel a calming relaxing sensation. It’s surprising how a candle can be so soothing.
The Relaxing Aromatic Mist is one of my favorite room sprays, and I spray it all over the house to feel relaxed and comfortable. Of course we all know Lavender is a soothing comforting scent, and it’s no different with this mist. I carry this with me everywhere from room to room. It’s my favorite from from Aroma Naturals. It’s also the #1 must have, that I will probably be purchasing again.

The Bee Soy Beehive Candle was unique, because I’ve never seen a candle that was shaped like a little home for bees! Why you ask? Well because it’s made out of beeswax  and long lasting soy. No it doesn’t smell like honey, in fact it’s unscented.  Just the sweet smell of natural beeswax.  I love the little design, I’ve never seen a candle company create such a cute little product.

Another unique piece from Aroma Naturals is the Citronella Plus Pillar. I kept this one outside to keep the bugs away. Which is what it’s meant to do! It also smells great believe it or not. Burns 100 hours, keep it outside to keep pesky pests away from the lights or your outside patio area. My friends were intrigued by the candle and wanted to know where I got such a cool invention!

Aroma Naturals also sells Therapeutic Lip Balm packed full of Omegas 3,6,7 and 9 and let me tell you, they are yummy ! The cherry vanilla is my personal favorite, and I’ve never been a huge fan of chapstick. At $5 each, these are a must have.  They moisturize and keep you lips soft for much longer then the typical lip balm, and the best part? They are all natural! I also enjoyed the shape of these balms because they are oval instead of round, so they are much easier to apply on your lips.
As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Very important to so many people If you have lost a loved one to breast cancer, this month probably seems something very important to you. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Aroma Naturals created a special Breast Cancer Candle to help raise money for the cause. 10% of the proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Research. I love when  companies come together and help the cause.  To help out and purchase the Aroma Naturals Breast Cancer Awareness candles, visit Aroma Naturals and make sure you buy one!
Buy: You can purchase any of the products seen above, and many more therapeutic candles at Aroma Naturals’ website.

The Giveaway: Aroma Naturals has put together the Giant Mosaic Pink and white candle (4×8) which is a gorgeous pink w, and will look great in any room. One winner will this beauty.  To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below

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