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I was so excited to get to try out the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test. I first saw this at Baby’s R Us then I saw it on other blogs being reviewed. A lot of my friends laughed at this and said there is no way it would work. “I would give you my prediction and it would be 50/50 chance I’m right”…. My doctor also said this was nonsense. However, Dr Sanjay Gupta was on HLN saying this is a great product and the results are 80% accurate. I knew I had to take it, if for nothing else, just for fun!
Here’s how it works…

1. When you wake, please fill the collection cup with your first morning urine when collecting your sample. It is very important to use first morning urine when collecting your sample. ( wayy upset when I got this in mail I couldn’t take it ASAP!) Failure to do so will likely result in an incorrect result. Once collected, set the urine sample aside and get the test kit ready for use. Remove the white overcap, exposing the kit’s lid. Remove the white oval tab from the top of the lid, exposing a small hole in the middle. You will need to keep the tab close by as you will replace it over the hole once the urine has been added. You are now ready to perform the test.

The rest of the steps were easy to follow.

2. Placing the tip of the syringe into the urine, “pull” 20 ml’s of urine (as indicated on the side of the syringe) up into the syringe.

3. Place the tip of the syringe into the hole on the top of the test’s lid and inject your urine.

4. Remove the syringe and immediately replace the white oval tab over the hole. Replace the white overcap.

5. Gently pick up the test kit and swirl rapidly in a circular motion for 10 seconds. Do not shake. Place the activated kit on a white paper plate, paper towel or piece of paper where it can be easily read without disturbing. This will help eliminate any background color when reading the results.

6. Read your gender result promptly at 10 minutes. If your urine has turned dark or is a smoky green, you are having a boy! If your urine stays relatively unchanged or turns a deeper yellow or orange, then you are having a girl!

I waited exactly 10 minutes and here is what I found…

This clearly says BOY! We will see and of course I will update this post…
Buy: You can purchase the Intelligender Test at Walgreens, CVS, Intelligender.com, and Babys R Us for around $34. (If you purchase online at Intelligender, the special price is $29.95) Visit Intelligender on Facebook and also their blog for more info.

UPDATE: 6/19 So I won one of these on another blog giveaway, and yes I took it.. it said BOY as well… I will let you know when the results actually come in, since I know some of you are interested in if this thing really works….

19 weeks…. GUESS what? After TWO Intelligender tests I found out.. it’s a GIRL! So Intelligender was wrong twice… so after this thorough review, I will tell all NOT to waste your money.

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