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Summer is here! In Arizona, it is soo crazy hot, and it’s almost unbearable. With a new season, comes a new handbag. And Shop Suey has some pretty amazing new bags. I like to carry a larger bag during Summer because I need many extras during the hot season. I lug sunscreen, extra makeup (because it sweats off) sometimes even my bathing suit depending on where I will be going, so a big bag is required.

I also like bright bold colors for Summer. For some reason, my black, white and brown purses tend to look nicer in Winter, maybe it’s because those colors are much more active in my winter wardrobe then now. Plus yellows, pinks and pastels are the IN color lately. And my new favorite color? Peach!

The Elise Satchel in Peach is perfect for Summer, Spring and everything in between. With a gorgeous chain strap, silver hardware and a huge space, this is sure to fit everything you need, no matter where you’re headed.

Part of what makes this bag so fabulous is there are 3 large sections for storage. Yes 3! 2 on the side, and one in the middle. The middle has a zipper while the others have buttons. So instead of your typical, one large compartment and little pockets on the inside, Shop Suey is changing it up. I have not seen a purse like this before, and I love the new trend!

Instead of shoving all my larger items in the one big pocket, I can take a book or maybe my makeup bag and put them in the other larger side pockets. Just keep track of which pocket is for which items, because you can get lost in this one.

The bag is so soft and comfy, Bella liked taking naps on it. I always caught her sitting on my bag, and I had to “shoo” her off. Here is just one of those moments I caught her being comfy on my handbag. I think she’s small enough to fit IN the main pocket!

I especially like taking the Elisa bag to the gym because it fits my water bottle, gym socks, ipod, towels, and anything else I need.

And of course my sister liked it too.. Go figure. Notice how nice the bag looks on the shoulder. And the color is incredibly stunning. I’m excited to finally have a peach bag in my stash.

You can purchase the Elise bag for $58 (huge deal!) and so many more at ShopSueyBoutique.com Make sure you check back frequently because they are constantly updating their bags. For 20% off your entire order at Shop Suey, use coupon code BELLA20 at checkout.

Disclosure: A press sample was sent to me for consideration from PR for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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