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This original post is from the blog, “Mommy Goggles” and was written there. I have permission to copy this and take this to MY blog, because this person has not only won once but at least twice here and my other website, and I was thinking they were just lucky. They are now banned from entering any giveaways. I reposted this hoping other bloggers would block them as well. This is not fair to people who host giveaway AND others who enter giveaways. I do both. I feel cheated, and I feel like my fair honest readers were cheated.. Please read on.

It was brought to my attention today that there is a person, sweeper…. aka: sweepstake’r, that has been going around to numerous blogs with multiple Twitter handles, multiple email addresses yet the same IP address all to win prizes from the blogosphere. Really? You don’t think us bloggers are smart enough to figure this out?

Oh, and yes, I totally went there…. Here’s the person’s user name as commonly used, as well as their email addressES and IP address. <- one IP address.

■Search results for “Hity88”: 27 items
■Search results for “Hiann88 ”: 26 items

■anna t
■Richard T

Do you see a similarity, or even a pattern here? This is just on my own blog; I would be more than happy to show you some other blogs where this person(s) is doing the exact same thing.

Either way….. It takes a lot of time for me, as the blogger, to host a contest. You may think that it is simple for us bloggers to post something, like a free item, all for some person to post on this contest as multiple people in order to win a prize.

Three words:
Oh…. and I will not tolerate it. Anna…. Richard … Yoda… whatever your name shall be today….. You should be ashamed of yourself(ves).

Thank you to NIght Owls Perch and Two Classy Chics for this information, as well as an active sweeper who brought this to my attention.

If you cheat on my blogsite, or anyone else’s for that matter…. here’s what you are. (and this is spoken very nicely).

In my opinion – this is extremely rude, ungrateful, stupid, and not to mention selfish for anyone to do this, regardless of any situation. If I lose a sweeper or a reader – so be it. This is my blog, these are my rules and just like most bloggers – I do not tolerate bullshit on my website. Should you have an issue with this post, please feel free to contact me.

(Original Post from Mommy Goggles)

OH and for the record, I caught them cheating just the other day their names are Anna and Richard Titanic… from Hawaii. Beware.

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