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I’m always looking for online Christmas steals/deals. Although I’m already done with my Christmas shopping, (Finally!) here are a couple Christmas gift ideas you could use this year, and no they aren’t your typical sweater or perfume gift. These are fun, exciting ideas that consist of more exciting adrenaline pumping action! So if you’re looking for a gift idea for a guy, and you can’t figure out what to do, here are a couple fun ideas.

How about a jet boating trip for a hour ? A thrilling ride combining exciting 360* spins, high speed slides and drifts, beach buzzing and heart racing nose-offs in as little as 10cm of water. I think this would be an awesome Christmas gift to get someone adventurous who thrives on fun trips?

What about a helicopter ride, a V8 race car superdrive or a hot air balloon trip? These are all ideas you should consider this Christmas season. Break out of the ordinary present giving, and really surprise your loved one this holiday!

What about a race car drive as a Christmas present? I know tons of guys that would love this as a gift!

Your V8 race car drive day begins with a registration, followed by on-track observation laps with an instructor at the wheel covering apexes, braking points and overtaking procedure (though it’s not a race, overtaking is common – and very exciting!). Then it’s off to the pit lane, where you’re fitted out with racing overalls and helmet.

You are then strapped in behind the wheel and you’re off! Your personal instructor will coach you through the intercom to make sure you go as fast as you can, as safely as you can on the 6 lap session.

What about shark diving, a helicopter flight, or sailing abroad? These are all ideas you should consider when thinking about gifts for men this Christmas.

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