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I recently saw Burlesque, loved it !♥ Of course it didn’t hurt I’m a HUGE Cher Fan! But what really caught my attention was Christina’s beautiful leather jacket that she wore throughout the movie. It’s so adorable, so I was quickly on a mission to find one similar.

Here’s what I came up with..

The Express Leather Quilted Jacket ($98)- Didn’t order it online because I wasn’t sure if I was a XXS or XS, so I went down to the mall, and snagged the last XS. It’s super soft and comfy, and after searching the internet for a Christina Aguilera copy, this is the closest I found…

Here’s another alternative to Christina’s jacket, The Gap Leather Field Jacket. This one is a little more pricey at $298 and to me, not as cute. I was gonna share the link to buy this jacket, but it’s currently out of stock.

By the way, Express is having a huge sale right now, so if you’re interested in this adorable jacket I would go NOW to get it. I think Express is doing something like spend 100 get $30 off, which is the coupon I used, so I snagged the coat for only $68 bucks.

And if you haven’t seen Burlesque, go check it out. ! ♥

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