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So I’m starting a new feature on my site. It’s called Bella’s Closet. I’m selling off some of my designer items, most with price tags attached. Here’s how it will work..
I will post the asking price for each item. If you would like to offer a smaller price, feel free to email me at vanitizebaby@yahoo.com. Once it has been sold I will cross it off the list. Whoever bids first will win the item. Kind of like Ebay. I will accept payment through PayPal only. All items will be described in detail. More pics available through request….

Authentic Faith Connexion Tuni Top. This is a tank in good condition. All rhinestones in tact. Bought at a boutique for $198 dollars. XS Asking price- $30

Authentic Ed Hardy Rhinestone Tank top bought at a boutique in San Diego for $120. In good condition. One size fits all Asking price- $35

Honoluala Dress looks long, but is actually knee length Size Small. Price tags still attached.. bought for $54 asking price $15

Brand new dress bought at a small boutique, mesh like material. Looks long but this is a xs-small and goes down to about the knee. Bought for $70 never worn. Asking price- $20

Lots more to come! I have handbags, designer shoes, and beauty products to come! If you have a specific request for a product, feel free to leave a comment!

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