>Things Men Should Never Wear


Denim shorts– Ok seriously, guys should NEVER wear these, men if your listening big fashion no-no. I heard these are coming back? Trust me… they aren’t!

Pleated pants Stop the needless suffering! There’s no reason for this! Old Navy was invented specifically to address this problem, I’m pretty sure. You can buy flat front khakis for, like, three bucks and a smile in there. Print out a coupon from the Internet and it’s two bucks and a grimace. Print out a coupon and use it in the back-to-school sale and they’ll pay you to take them away.

Crocs This one might be a little divisive, and truthfully I don’t abhor Crocs the way some people do, but at some point you’ve got to look down at the clunky red rubber clog on your foot and go there has to be something better than this. Hey guess what, there is. It’s called normal shoes.

Bangs Look, I’m not saying every man should be Ryan Cabrera—that dude has gone way too far in the pursuit of artfully tousled hair, landing somewhere more in the neighborhood of “recently electrocuted”—but I would argue, respectfully, that most men look better with their hair pushed up a little off their forehead than plastered down against it. Show me a handsome man with bangin’

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