>Bella’s Incident


So all of my blog readers know how much I love Bella. I feel like she is not only my puppy, but my baby. I feel like people that like to read this website would like update on Bella, and for the most part they are all good.

I’m sad to say however, on Friday while walking Bella she was attacked by a stray boxer off his leash. He picked Bella up in his mouth and shook her like a poor little rag doll. Without getting into the graphic details, I would just like to tell you all Bella was severely injured, however after visiting the animal ER she is going to be ok.

I contemplated telling this story or not on this blog, and as you can tell I did decide to tell you all for one very important reason. PLEASE if you own big dogs, or dangerous dogs, keep them LEASHED and secure! Little dog like Bella continue to get hurt and some even die because of large dogs that get loose and attack. I am continuously seeing the same stray dogs running around the neighborhood, and I have to ask myself, where is their owner? And why aren’t they paying attention to their dogs breaking loose every other day? So this is my venting post, PLEASE keep your dogs leashed. Many of you are aware Bella almost died getting her hair cut when the groomer accidently slashed her throat. My poor Bella has been through so much, but hopefully she will make a speedy recovery. 🙂

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