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Beija-Flor is one of those companies that you just have to love. “Beija-Flor Naturals is a vegan/vegetarian bodycare line with luxurious treats that promote healthy skin and hair. For years, the Beija-Flor Naturals mixtress has experimented with natural health and beauty remedies as an alternative to mainstream products. “

Beija-Flor is based in California, but the ingredients contain extracts from South America & Africa. The ingredients contain healing herbs, oils butters & vegetable extracts, all things great for your skin & body.

My favorite item we reviewed was the Hemp ButterCream (Shown above) “The Beija-Flor Naturals hemp buttercream is a luxurious concoction inspired by The Mixtress’ time in Berkeley California. Hemp is naturally grown organic without pesticides and is a nutrient powerhouse rich in Omega 6, 3, and 9. Goes on smooth, absorbs instantly and lasts all day. This nourishing blend is guaranteed to leave both skin and hair buttery soft and hydrated.” This was my personal favorite, and the smell lingered on my skin all day into the night!! Not your average lotion, this is more of a cream perfume in my opinion, the smell is so amazing it should be worn with nothing else! ! I left it on my skin after my morning shower, and when I went out at night people were still asking me what that yummy smell on my skin was!!

The Agave Aloe Polisher which is now going for $12.00 on sale, (an amazing price!) helps get rid of all dead cells on not only your face but your body. “Vitamin rich agave nectar, soothing aloe vera, and moisturizing jojoba oil penetrate deep for younger, healthier looking skin you can feel. ” My face felt so soft and clean after using this, and yours will will too! I’m usually weird about putting different oils on my face, but this was very different. It contains jojoba Oil which is know to help heal fine lines and wrinkles. Woo hoo!

You can find Beija-Flor on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/beijaflornaturals where you will find all their latest news and special offers. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking for a new, natural body care line. Thanks to Beija-Flor for allowing me to review their products.

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